USA Ballet Company &
Affiliated Youth Ensemble and Academy  

Studio Rules
  • Students should always be on time. See Attendance for late arrivals.
  • Students must follow the dress code at all times! See Dress Code section.
  • Students must show proper respect for instructors at all times, and should be courteous to others.
  • No street shoes are to be worn on the marley floor. Please do not wear your dance shoes outside!
  • No chewing gum, candy, food or drinks on the marley floor. Drinks can be kept on the side.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn while dancing except for small earrings. No hanging jewelry, watches, etc.
  • Hair must be kept as indicated in the Dress Code section.
  • Parents, please do not speak into the class that is in progress. This is a great distraction.
  • Parents must wait in the lobby.  There is a great view of the classes from there.
  • Cover ups MUST be worn at all times in the studio area.  Do not walk on teh carpet with your dance shoes!
Special Events
  • We offer great "ballet birthday party" packages. Please inquire as to details.
  • We host an annual "student concert" performance in the late spring. Attendance and participation is optional, but this gives the students an opportunity to showcase their talents and hard work!
  • Check our bulletin board frequently for news updates, touring and performance schedules, and other items of importance.
  • Be a part of USA Ballet Company's annual production: fall, winter or spring seasons. Make memories and dreams come true! Watch for details.
  • Be a part of the USA Ballet Youth Ensemble's Nutcracker production.
  • When arriving late or resuming a class already in progress, students must wait inside the studio at the edge of the marley floor until given permission to join the class. This will keeep distractions to a minimum.
  • You must be fully registered for any term in which you wish to make up a class. See the Tuition section. There will be no refund of tuition for missed classes that are not made up.

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